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Calibration Tapes

Speeds Available: 7-1/2 and15 IPS

Equalization: NAB, 250nWb/m


Our calibration tapes are created on a meticulously restored (2020) and maintained Studer A807 fitted with a full track head block. All electrolytic capacitors have been replaced on each audio, transport board and power supply. The machine is calibrated monthly. The machine is fitted with a new double bearing pinch roller. The Wow and Flutter of this machine is .02% WTD,15IPS as measured by a calibrated Leader LFM-39A W&F meter.

Tapes are created by a computer controlled Siglent function generator with a current NIST certified calibration. The tape used is brand new SM911 on the correct large hub reels. White and blue leaders identify the head and tail of the tape. Each frequency is preceded by a voice announcement. 


$60 ea. - Order on Contact page

2021-06-12 19.50.15.jpg

7.5 or 15IPS:

1Khz   @ 0db (1min)

10Khz @ 0db (30 sec)

16Khz @ 0db (30 sec)

63Hz   @ 0db (30 sec)

Custom tapes on request.

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